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To optimize the viewing and performance of janus.com, we recommend the following browsers, settings and plug-ins:

Supported browsers and operating systems

Windows Vista OS
FireFox 2
Windows XP
FireFox 2
Mac OS
Safari 3
FireFox 2

Recommended browser settings

JavaScript enabled
Accept cookies
Cache SSL
Load graphics
Default fonts and default colors

Text size adjustments

If you would like to make the text size on your pages larger, you may be able to use your browser to make the change without shifting your resolution. For example, in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can select View and then Text Size to choose text size options.

Screen resolution

800 x 600 is required.
1024 x 768 is recommended.

Optimal plug-ins

You'll need Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, plug-in version 3.01 or higher.If you need a plug-in, click >Windows or >Mac to download the appropriate one.

If you need any help downloading, read our downloading tips.

Video viewing software

You'll need Flash Player, version 6 or higher to view the videos in janus.com. You can download this free plug-in here.

Note: Without a Flash Player, you will still be able to view your account and other data located on the site.

If you have any web site questions, please call us at 800.975.9932.