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Tax Reporting

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Find out when you can expect your tax forms from Janus.

Janus tax form schedule

Janus tax forms and supplementary tax information are made available online to help you complete your state and federal tax returns. If you chose to have your tax forms mailed to your address, you may be interested to know that your forms are also available to you online. Below is the mailing schedule for Janus tax forms. Allow 10-14 additional days for postal delivery.

Form Mail Date
Form 1099-DIV by January 31
Form 1099-B by January 31
Form 1099-Q by January 31
Form 1099-R by January 31
Form 5498-ESA by April 30
Form 5498 by May 31

Note: Form 1042-S is mailed by March 15. This form is not available online.

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You won't receive a tax form if:
  • Distributions (dividends/capital gains) were less than $10 per fund in your taxable account 
  • You did not sell or exchange shares from your taxable account 
  • You sold or exchanged shares from a money market fund in a taxable account 
  • Reportable activity did not occur in your tax-deferred account (retirement account or education savings account)

Please refer to the Your Tax Forms page for additional reasons a tax form may not be generated.


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